January 15, 2018 Grand3

This is the workout program I do: Ocinator

So far, I’ve lost 47 pounds and have more energy and feel better than ever. My cholesterol is lower, my blood pressure is perfect and body fat at an optimal level.

Try it here: Ocinator.com

A smart, doable fitness program created by Stanford University engineers, Ocinator is a smart, effective and doable fitness and nutrition program which focuses on exercises that imitate real life movements that stimulate muscle groups in a systematic way.

Ocinator is simple, just play the daily video, follow the instructions and the workout routine and start enjoying the results. Play your favorite music while watching and following the video if you like.

A program that only requires healthy eating and 20 minutes/day of non-exhausting exercise from home, with make-it-yourself inexpensive equipment, will help you earn your dream body for a lifetime.

The Ocinator Program sculpts toned, good-looking muscles (not bulky and unattractive), helps you lose weight, and minimizes workout pain. We want you to enjoy exercising, knowing that you’re completing a program that works, and not worry about pain or exhaustion. The Ocinator program minimizes pain, repetitions, and training time to get you your dream body.

Try it here: Ocinator.com

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