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Ideum Token Pre- Sale To Start Monday April 2

The Tokens for the Sharing Economy and Online Marketplaces

Ideum Tokens are a smart currency specially designed to work with online marketplaces. Ideum Tokens provide a safer and decentralized platform where users on both sides of the transaction conduct business using Smart Contracts. Ideum Tokens will be registered as security tokens.

“Mining Through Sharing.” Mining of Ideum Tokens promotes activity in participating marketplaces and encourages Token owners to be part of the burgeoning Sharing Economy. Ideum Tokens can be mined by listing items for rent, or sale, and participating in community forums. Users can mine or earn relatively larger amounts of tokens by successfully completing transactions like buying, selling, renting and sharing items. These earned tokens can them be used as trading currency in the participating marketplaces and ultimately trade in cryptocurrency exchanges. This unique feature of the Ideum Tokens increases interaction in online marketplaces.

Ideum’s Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts solve one of the biggest problems that the current financial and credit card institutions have not been able to crack, solving discrepancies by using voting community forums. Ideum will become the leading solution that empowers buyers and sellers in traditional marketplaces, and owners and renters in rental and sharing marketplaces. Ideum will promote the effective matchmaking, transparency, efficiency, contract security and trust standards.

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