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Rentus.com on the Roll

Innovative Website to Expand Online Renting to Moving and at the same time, have mobile billboards

Los Angeles, CA—Beginning this week, Rentus.com is set to roll out the first of a fleet of moving trucks at a much cheaper price than the average moving company.  Rentus.com is the Airbnb for your ‘stuff,’ an online marketplace where users can list items to be rented, or rent items to use. The moving trucks are in addition to the other thousands of items already listed on Rentus.com. Users can rent a moving truck for $49.99 a day with 100 miles included and still have money left over to rent other moving materials.

“Moving is stressful enough without the high prices of a moving truck or moving company. Our moving trucks will give our users an opportunity to rent a truck for a reasonable price,” said Rentus.com Founder and CEO Elias Chavando.

Rentus.com Moving Truck and billboard

Renting a moving truck in the Los Angeles area and only going 100 miles can cost $200 or more. With Rentus.com you can not only rent the truck for under $50.00  a day, but also rent moving items as well. Moving dollies and hand trucks can cost you another hundred dollars to buy for a one time move. Rentus lets you rent these items for a day or even a few hours without paying full retail.

“We are able to rent the trucks at a much lower price and in return are having Rentus.com advertised throughout the city. The trucks will act as mobile billboards throughout the Los Angeles area while providing our users with a less stressful moving experience,” said Chavando.

Based in Los Angeles, Rentus.com went live on January. They have partnered with several rental businesses providing them with an inventory of thousands of items ready to be rented out. Peer to peer rentals are also taking off.

Rentus.com is currently available in Southern California and will be expanding to more markets in the United States and Europe.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Elias Chavando, CEO Rentus, contact Catherine Bradley with Shirley & Banister Public Affairs at (703) 739-5920 or cbradley@sbpublicaffairs.com.

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