September 24, 2016 Grand3

Attention Yahoo email users; Your data is compromised!


This week we learned that in early 2014, hackers stole all the personal data of over 500 million users of’s email. And Yahoo failed to inform its users of the breach?

Let’s think about that for a minute. All the data, including date of birth, security questions, passwords and credit card numbers are out in the open. Hackers can use that information to steal your identity, get into your bank accounts… you name it. How can you trust them?

There is very little users can do. Under the terms of Yahoo’s email service, because it is a FREE service, they can do whatever they want. So, with that said, do you still want a free email account?

It is just a matter of time for Gmail, AOL and other “free” email services to come clean and reveal how your information, content and context of your emails and chats have been compromised and used against you in one form or another.

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